Double Trouble (Zahnradlaby) - Maze Brain Teaser Puzzle / Game

Double Trouble (Zahnradlaby) - Maze Brain Teaser Puzzle / Game
Zahnradlaby - Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle / Game
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8.0" x 4.5" x 0.75"

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Level 3  Difficulty Level 3: Advanced

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10 & Up


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This puzzle / game (called also 'Double Gear Maze') is made of natural wood and transparent plastic, which gives it very unique and fancy appearance as well as extra complexity, because this brain teaser is made of 2 different labyrinth mazes, where each one of them has a metal ball.
The object is to get both metal balls out of the mazes at the same time.
Now, this is not east because each maze is actually a cogwheel (sprocket wheel), and if you turn one of them the other will turn as well.
Also, there are 2 holes for each of the mazes. One is large enough to get the ball out, bot the other is not, but you can use it to move the metal ball from one place in the maze to other, because the maze has 2 layers and in order to relocate the ball to a different place in the maze you will need to place it under the small hole, turn the maze upside down so the metal ball now lies on the hole, and turn the maze to the direction you need.
This is possible because each of the mazes has 2 layers and when you turn the maze you actually turn one of the layers, not both, and it basically changes the entire maze when doing so.
As you may understand, this is not an easy brain teaser to tackle and you will need to be creative to figure it out.
The wood is all natural, and the combination of wood, poly-glass and metal makes it very unique and a "must have" item to add to your collection.

Designed and invented by Jean Claude Constantin, puzzles designer, inventor, and artist. manufactured by Project Genius.
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