Sword In Stone True Genius Wooden Brainteaser Puzzle

Sword In Stone True Genius Wooden Brainteaser Puzzle
Sword In Stone True Genius Puzzle
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Box Size: 8.25" x 3.5" x 3.5"

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Level 4  Difficulty Level 4: Hard

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14 & Up

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Project Genius
In feudal Rome a cruel knight, upon being told that he needed to change his ways, claimed it would be harder splitting a stone with a sword. 
To prove his point, he plunged his sword into the stone, where it remained for more than 900 years. 
Your goal is to do what the knight could not; pull the sword from the stone and then replace it again down to the hilt. 

The Sword In Stone is part of trilogy of puzzle styles brain teaser.
To conquer Sword in Stone, you must live out the legend of an ancient knight who plunged his sword into a stone and must remove it from its new home.
The sword can move up or down depending on how you twist the hilt back and forth, hoping to outmaneuver a maze of different paths you cannot see.
It’s a marvelous little puzzle where you have to build a model of its interior in your mind by process of elimination, turning the sword this way and that, lifting and lowering it in stages until it’s free.
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