Solitaire Hexagon 61 Pegs - Strategy Wooden Game

Solitaire Hexagon 61 Pegs - Strategy Wooden Game
Solitaire Pegs Hexagon - Strategy Wooden Game
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Approximate Dimensions:

6.5" X 5.75" X 1"

Difficulty Level [1-5]:

Level 4  Difficulty Level 4: Hard

Age Group:

10 & Up


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Winshare Puzzles and Games
This is the Hexagon solitaire strategy game with 61 pegs, and is a great brain teaser puzzle. Considered to be one of the most difficult solitaires to master.

According to the legend, the game of peg solitaire was invented in the 18th. Century by a French nobleman imprisoned in the Bastille.
By jumping one peg over another and removing the peg which was jumped over, try to eliminate all the pegs until just 1 remains in the lower right corner. 

The board has 61 holes, arranged in the shape of a hexagon with 5 holes along each side. At the start, all but one hole contains a peg, and the empty hole can be anywhere but is often chosen to be the center hole. A move consists of jumping one peg over another to land in a vacant hole, and then removing the peg that was jumped over.

The object of the game is to remove all the pegs and be left with just one last peg (most common is to start with the center peg taken out and finish the game where the center peg is the only one left on the board).

The board comes with a matching lid.

Note: Colors of pegs may vary.
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