Hexiamond - Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

Hexiamond - Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle
Hexiamond - Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle
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Approximate Dimensions:

5.25" x 5.25" x 1"

Difficulty Level [1-5]:

Level 3  Difficulty Level 3: Advanced

Age Group:

10 & Up


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Winshare Puzzles and Games
The Hexiamond puzzle has 12 non-identical pieces placed inside a wooden frame forming a polygon shape that looks like a snowflake.
The object is to take the pieces out of the wooden frame, mix them, and then put them ALL back inside the wooden frame.

You can also create different 2D shapes using all 12 pieces (click the PDF icon to download few examples with solutions ).
You will find shapes such as arrow, Lamp, Fan, Basket, Lantern, Pleats, Rhombus, Kite, and many more. 

The Hexiamond puzzle comes with a matching wooden lid so that the pieces can be stored away for safe keeping. 
This is a great math oriented puzzle that will give the player many hours of recreational thinking.
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