Wisdom Ball Advanced - Awarded Sliding Twisting Sphere Puzzle

Wisdom Ball Advanced - Awarded Sliding Twisting Sphere Puzzle
Wisdom Ball Advanced Puzzle
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3.5" D

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Level 4 Difficulty Level 4: Hard

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7 & Up

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This is a great addictive spherical sliding and twisting puzzle. 
Invented by Yang Ju-Hsun back in 1992, and was awarded with the gold medal winner of Geneva & Nuremberg International Invention among other awards. 
In 2015 Mr. Yang Ju-Hsun has decided to revive his beloved puzzle with a new and improved design, completely changing the inner mechanism so it has a smoother movement. 
This new version of the puzzle is also larger than the original. In this new process he created two additional variations, both of them more challenging than the original. 

The Advanced Wisdom Ball is the next level after the Inspiration version, and prepares you for the most difficult challenge, the Wisdom version. 
The advanced wisdom ball sphere body is black. 
To make it more challenging, the Advanced features four tiles in a row across the middle on opposite discs. 
The tiles that located in this line don't interact with the tiles within the same disc. If, for example, you want to swap a tile from the middle line with one from the edges on the same disc, you need to move it through an adjacent disc and again though another in order to place it in its correct spot. Again, you need to make sure it has the correct orientation (facing you). 

Thee are 6 different challenges you can play to solve this puzzle, the basic solution / challenge is to return the numbers tiles to their same-colored disc. For the 4 discs with numbers from 1 to 8 lined along the edge, order the numbers in counterclockwise or clockwise direction. For the other 2 discs with numbers running down the center of the discs, order numbers 1 to 4 along the edge and 5 to 8 in the middle. When you mastered the Advanced version try the Wisdom, the most difficult one.

Highly recommended for any Puzzle collector.
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