USA Capital - 500 Pieces Round Table Puzzle

USA Capital - 500 Pieces Round Table Puzzle
USA Capital - 500 Pieces Round Table Puzzle
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Assembly size: 19" D

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Level 3  Difficulty Level 3: Advanced

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8 & Up

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The round table puzzles are ideal for groups or two or more! these circular puzzles have the top of the image in the center & the bottom of the image around the entire circle. 
Just as the Knights of the round table all had an equal seat around the table, everyone has an equal seat around the puzzle. 

As you work your way around the USA Capital puzzle, you'll visit some of the our nation's greatest architecture. Embrace the words of the Constitution of the United States as they're embodied in these structures. 
The journey is moving! more on the round table puzzle concept; jigsaw puzzles are a timeless family tradition, but traditional puzzles present a problem to those working on them; typically only one person (the person building from the bottom of the puzzle) has a normal view of the puzzle image. 
People on the sides of the puzzle have to twist their necks to get a proper view. 
And for the anyone at the top, their whole world is upside down. 
The round table puzzles now eliminate this problem.
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