Pendulum - Mechanical Movement, Engineering Self-Assembly Puzzle Model

Pendulum - Mechanical Movement, Engineering Self-Assembly Puzzle Model
Pendulum - 3D Gear Mechanical, Engineering Self-Assembled Puzzle
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Approximate Dimensions:

Assembled size: 12.6" x 20.5"x 2.5"

Difficulty Level [1-5]:

Level 4  Difficulty Level 4: Hard

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Age Group:

14 & Up

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Solution or Instructions Included.

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Wooden City
Assemble the 3D puzzle Pendulum by Wooden City and hang the finished model on your wall, start it up by pulling the driving weight down. 
The open mechanism will start moving, the gears will start spinning and all the intricacies will come to life! 
The pendulum will begin to sway steadily in a steady rhythm. 
Attach coins to the weight or along the inside of the pendulum. 
The number of coins affects the swing of the pendulum. 
Because of friction and changes to the center of gravity, the heavier the weight, the longer it takes for the pendulum to swing.

*Made from Eco-Friendly birch plywood
*No Glue required to assemble
*Assembled model size: 12.6x20.5x2.5"
*Model size in a package: 14x9.5x1.5"
*Number of parts: 121
*Approximate time to assemble: 5 Hours
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