Inside³ Labyrinth 3D Puzzle Maze Cube - Easy

Inside³ Labyrinth 3D Puzzle Maze Cube - Easy
Inside3 Easy 3D Labyrinth Puzzle
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Approximate Dimensions:

2.4" x 2.4" x 2.4"

Difficulty Level [1-5]:

Level 2 Difficulty Level 2: Tricky

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Age Group:

8 & Up

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It started in France, with a simple cardboard box and an even simpler peppercorn. And after a few attempts with a 3D printer the INSIDE³ was born. A simple cube... Well, so it seems...

There are six different Inside³ 3D Labyrinth Puzzle Cubes in this original series - each one more challenging than the last.
Inside each cube are seven levels, each a labyrinth. You must turn the Inside³ 3D Labyrinth Puzzle Cube, blindly manipulating the ball through each level of maze to get it to be visible on other side.
The easier cubes have maps for each level and can be taken apart to get the marble back. The harder cubes are sealed and have nothing to help you.

This listing is for the first Easy level.

What level of difficulty should I choose?
For newcomers, the cube versions in blue and green (regular) are recommended.
If you're used to puzzles, you'll be challenged by the orange (mean) or red (awful) versions.
These four cubes can be opened and deconstructed, so if you lose your ball you can simply start over.
But no opening up the cube with the brown (vicious) and black (mortal) cubes, though! Both are extremely difficult to solve; once you've started, there is no looking back!
If the ball is inside the maze, it will be hidden there forever... While the brown cube helps you with the maze's plan printed on it, the black cube will leave you in the... well, dark!
If you want to see your ball come out at the back, you will need extreme patience, some luck and no lack of skill. Either that or a hammer :).

When you master the Original cube series , you can try the Phantom cubes.

Inside³ Labyrinth 3D Puzzle Maze Cube - Awful
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