Hagrid Hut Harry Potter - Metal Earth 3D Model Puzzle

Hagrid Hut Harry Potter - Metal Earth 3D Model Puzzle
Hagrid Hut Harry Potter 3d Metal Puzzle
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Assembled Size: 3.15" x 2.4" x 2.52"

Difficulty Level [1-5]:

Level 4  Difficulty Level 4: Hard

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14 & Up


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This is a Fascinations Hagrid Hut Harry Potter 3D Laser Cut Model. This metal 3D laser cut model is different from any model you are used to building. This model features amazingly detailed laser etching and is laser cut from a 4" square metal sheet. Being made of shiny metal gives this model a really cool look.
This is a highly-detailed 3D model of The Hagrid Hut from Harry Potter.

HAGRID'S HUT: Services as the home to Rubeus Hagrid during his years as gatekeeper and teaching at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry..

Fascinations 3D Metal Models are Easy To Assemble - Simply pop out the pieces by hand or with the aid of wire cutters, then bend tabs to connect at the attachment points. Simple to follow instructions included.
This puzzle includes 2 metal sheets and a total of 41 pieces or piece shapes.
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