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Solitaire Marble - Wooden Brain Teaser Game

Brilliant Low Price: $11.95

Beautiful and fancy wooden version of the classic solitaire game and a great brain teaser puzzle.
Begin with a single central peg vacancy. By jumping one peg over another and removing the peg which was jumped over, try to eliminate all the pegs until just 1 remains in the centre.
The board comes with a matching lid. 

Jumbling Tower - Classic Wooden Game

Brilliant Low Price: $17.95

Beautiful handmade version of this traditional popular and fun building classic game that has stood the test of time. The Jumbling Tower game combines test of skill, balance, strategy & patience. The Jumbling Tower construct from 54 blocks and is 18 stories tall. This beautiful wooden game set comes complete with a finely hand-crafted wood case to hold all of the pieces. A sliding wooden base allows for easy game setup. Take turns to remove the wooden bricks from the stack and replace them on the top. The tension mounts until finally the inevitable happens and someone causes the stack to tumble down! You can play it with any number of players from 5 years to adult.



Magic 16 - 3D Magnetic Brain Teaser Puzzle

Brilliant Low Price: $11.95

This is a great challenging puzzle that magnetically combines 16 non identical pieces to form a sphere with 4 alternate solutions that included with the puzzle.

This puzzle got the Seal of Approval fro the National Parenting Center.

You can use the inner ball to store the pieces for safe keeping. 

Cobra Cube - Wooden Puzzle Brainteaser

Brilliant Low Price: $9.95

Definitely one of the most amazing brain teaser 3D cubes in our collection. Once the cube is unraveling, you'll discover how complicated and difficult it is to get it back into the original shape.
You can assemble this one over and over again and it will still be hard to remember the solution. By the way, there is more than one solution for this puzzle. You'll have so much fun that you can easily get addictive to this one.
The Cobra Cube is a bit different than the traditional Snake Cube Puzzle because there is more than one way you can twist the pieces due to different notches available for the wire to go through on each piece of the puzzle.
Also, there are different shapes you can do with this amazing cube (such as Cat, Dog, Snake, Chair, and more) - solution for some shapes is also provided. 



Cast H&H - Hanayama Metal Puzzle

Brilliant Low Price: $10.90


Take it apart and put them back together, that is the objective of this beautiful metal puzzle.
Another great metal cast puzzle from Hanayama.

Try to separate the two H's locked together.

Click HERE for the entire Hanayama Puzzles line.


Lucinda Benoit

Date 11/11/2013

I purchased a 4 pc. wooden set of puzzles called Mind Benders at a garage sale. There were no instructions but I did find the : cube is taken apart as a snake then back to a cube. but I am having trouble finding instructions to the other 3, one looks like a star gaze ball of 5 piesces, one is a square with pegs and the other is shaped round but not complete round. I don't know if you know where I can get instructions but this is what is on the box of 4 wooden puzzles: Mind Benders (Solid Wood) and there is also written: go!, Classic Games

Brilliant Puzzles Team

Date 11/11/2013

Hi Lucinda, We are not sure what are the puzzles based on your description, however if you find something that looks similar on our website, we do offer a free solution download for many if them, and if it is not available for the one you need, you can email us a solution request, with the name of the puzzle, and we'll email you back the solution, if it's available.

George Watson

Date 4/14/2016

solution to nutcase puzzles

Date 11/3/2016

Hi. Looking for an inexpensive puzzle to put money in for Christmas gifts. Can you help me?

Brilliant Puzzles Team

Date 11/3/2016

You can find good option on our Money puzzles category at:

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