Brain Twist Puzzle - Twist and Flip Rotation Game

Brain Twist Puzzle - Twist and Flip Rotation Game
Brain Twist - Brain Teaser Puzzle
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4.5" (Dia)

Difficulty Level [1-5]:

Level 5  Difficulty Level 5: Extreme

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8 & Up

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John Hansen
Stimulate the mind! Twist it! Flip it! Solve it!
Innovative, educational, and fun! The Brain Twist Puzzle is a tetrahedron (a three-sided pyramid) in its closed state.
It flips into a 12-point star and then into a new tetrahedron. The puzzle has a total of eight colors: four colors for each of the two tetrahedrons.
The corners of each tetrahedron are spun to solve the puzzle. There are 12 total moving petals, each with two colors. Each petal has a unique color combination (ex. only one petal is red/purple, only one petal is yellow/blue, etc).
How do I solve the Brain Twist?
There are two possible solutions....either match up the colors on each face or for an even greater challenge, match up the colors on each corner!
A fun challenge for all ages to solve and doesn't require batteries, power, or much room.
Ideal for use in a car, a waiting room, an airport...a great way to past the time and still stimulate your mind!
A solution hints guide is included with the Brain Twist puzzle.
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