6 Bottles (Flaschenzug) - Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser

6 Bottles (Flaschenzug) - Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser
6 Bottles - Wooden Puzzle Maze Brain Teaser
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8.5" x 4.5" x 0.6"

Difficulty Level [1-5]:

Level 5  Difficulty Level 5: Extreme

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Age Group:

10 & Up

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The puzzle, as its name implies, has 6 laser cut wooden bottles, where each one can slide vertically, and at the bottom of the bottles there is a wooden bar that can be slide horizontally.

As you may see, this wooden bar has a slot that can accommodate a single bottle at a time, and the objective of this puzzle is to figure out the right sequential movements to be able to get the wooden bar out from the rest of the puzzle.

You will also see that there are locked stainless steel balls inside the puzzle. These balls are adding few more layers of complexity to the puzzles trying to solve this puzzle. You will need to figure out where to position them and how to maneuver them in order to be able to vertically slide the bottles and accomplish your mission.

Invented and designed by Jean Claude Constantin, puzzles designer, inventor, and artist. manufactured by Project Genius.
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