Tavor - Brain Teaser 3D Wooden Puzzle

Tavor - Brain Teaser 3D Wooden Puzzle
Tavor - Brain Teaser 3D Wooden Puzzle
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Approximate Dimensions:

6" x 6" x 6"

Difficulty Level [1-5]:

Level 4  Difficulty Level 4: Hard

Brand :

Winshare Puzzles and Games

Age Group:

10 & Up


Solution or Instructions Included.

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TAVOR is one of the larger wooden 3D brain teaser puzzles that we offer. It is slightly larger than the AJ PUZZLE and a bit more involved.
There are 12 interlocking wooden pieces: 10 pieces are identical in design to each other. The other two pieces are identical to each other but differ from the other ten.
All twelve pieces fit together precisely to form a cage around a wooden sphere. It is a beautiful assembly!
The challenge is to disassemble the 12 pieces to remove the ball from the structure. Then try to put it all back together again!
Good luck!!
Makes a perfect desk accessory or coffee table puzzle!
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