Solitaire Hexagon 37 Pegs - Strategy Wooden Game

Solitaire Hexagon 37 Pegs - Strategy Wooden Game
Solitaire Hexagon 37 Pegs- Strategy Wooden Game
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Approximate Dimensions:

6.25" X 5.50" X 1.25"

Difficulty Level [1-5]:

Level 4  Difficulty Level 4: Hard

Brand :

Winshare Puzzles and Games

Age Group:

10 & Up


Solution or Instructions Available.

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This is the an Hexagon solitaire strategy game with 37 pegs, and a great brain teaser puzzle.

According to the legend, the game of peg solitaire was invented in the 18th. Century by a French nobleman imprisoned in the Bastille.

By jumping one peg over another and removing the peg which was jumped over, try to eliminate all the pegs until just 1 remains in the lower right corner.

The board has 37 holes, arranged in the shape of a hexagon with 4 holes along each side. At the start, all but one hole contains a peg, and the empty hole can be anywhere but is often chosen to be the center hole. A move consists of jumping one peg over another to land in a vacant hole, and then removing the peg that was jumped over.

The game comes with a wooden tray and a matching wooden lid.

Note: Pegs colors may vary.
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