Othello / Reversi - Wooden Strategy Game

Othello / Reversi - Wooden Strategy Game
Othello / Reversi - Wooden Strategy Game
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5.5" x 5.5" x 1.25"

Age Group:

9 & Up


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Beautiful and fancy wooden version of an exciting strategy game where 2 alternate colors putting pegs on vacant squares from an initial opening position.
The Othello was independently invented in the 1880's by two Englishmen, Lewis Waterman and John W.Mollett, each accusing the other of stealing his idea.
It is still very popular, especially in Japan. The objective of this game is to flip your opponent's pegs into the color that you are playing.
let's say you are with 1 color pegs and the opponent is with 2 color. When you jump the opponent horizontally, vertically or diagonally you "flip" his peg and turn it your color. The goal is to turn all of theopponent color pegs to your color! Comes complete with a board and a lid.
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