Lock Puzzles

The key to solving these puzzles is unlocking the lock. What makes each Puzzle Lock unique is the way or "trick" that you need to figure out to open them. Some of these locks might not even require a key to open, having an internal mechanism with one or more necessary secret moves, to unlock them. It is said that Harry Houdini might have used these locks in his escapes, but until today there's no proof of that.
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Schloß Dick (Voidlock) - Wooden Lock Puzzle Brain Teaser
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Houdini Ace Of Hearts Lock - Metal Trick Lock Puzzle Brain Teaser
Out of Stock | SKU: RT968
Kassenschloss - Wooden Trick Lock Puzzle Brain Teaset
In Stock | SKU: L456CT
Houdini Lockout and Key - Metal Trick Lock Puzzle
In Stock | SKU: RT115
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