Floor - Packing Problem Wooden Puzzle

Floor - Packing Problem Wooden Puzzle
Floor - Packing Problem Wooden Puzzle
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3.8" x 3.5" x 0.4"

Difficulty Level [1-5]:

Level 3 Difficulty Level 3: Advanced

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Age Group:

10 & Up

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Floor is another unique Packing Puzzle from Jean Claude Constantin. This unusual mosaic is reminiscent of a honeycomb pattern, albeit having pentagons instead of hexagons. 
The puzzle itself looks like it consists of 19 pieces, but in reality only the inner 7 pieces are removable. 
The pieces of the Floor puzzle are also very unusual. Each piece has two layers: the first layer is a simple pentagon, but the second layer is a combination of three spikes, with each piece displaying a distinct arrangement. 
When solved, the triangular spaces you see between the pentagons should be occupied by these spikes. 
No empty spaces shall be seen, otherwise the puzzle remains unsolved.

You will need to fit all 7 pieces back in the frame.

Handmade by Jean Claude Constantin, puzzles designer, inventor, and artist.
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